Strikingly is kind of the new kid on the block in the website builder market. It was launched in 2012 - years later than its main competitors - and has gained quite some popularity since then. The website builder’s focus is creating single page websites without any programming skills.

This makes it very interesting for marketers and small businesses. Typical examples are portfolios, product landing pages or events where you show all your information on one good-looking page. In addition to your showcase you can also add an online store (500 products max.) and a blog.

The designs look very modern and will be displayed perfectly on smartphones and tablets. You can even enhance the mobile experience by adding a mobile action such as an easy access ‘call’ or ‘send email’ button. This will make browsing your website even easier on smartphones and tablets.

Their entry plan is free forever and will allow you to create a basic website and test strikingly website builder main features. But what if you need more than one page? You have to pick the Pro plan. It can handle up to 20 pages. That’s not a lot, but good enough for most small websites.

Let’s find out what else Strikingly has to offer! We’ll take a deep dive at what shines and what they need to improve.

Strikingly Review: Conclusion

Strikingly is a website builder that shines when you want to create a single page layout. These designs have become quite popular, because they give you a good overview without having to navigate several pages. You just scroll up and down.

Every page is divided in several sections. You just click on the spot where you want a certain feature and add it. This can be a picture, some text or a contact form. If you don’t find what you need, you might find it in their app store (which, unfortunately, doesn’t hold a huge selection of apps) or you can also add some HTML directly. Keep in mind that you will need a paid plan for this.

Strikingly also comes with ecommerce. Of course, this makes only sense for small online stores. Managing a store with hundreds of products on a single page might not be very user-friendly and you will clearly have some SEO disadvantages.

Why is that? Normally, you optimize every single page for a specific keyword. Since you put all your information on one page, your info will get watered-down for Google. Is your content mainly a contact page, product page or just a portfolio of your best works? I guess you see the problem here. The only way to avoid this issue, is to pick the Pro plan and create pages with more focused content.