Jimdo is an online platform that provides everything you need to make your own website. You can make anything from a business site or blog to an ecommerce store – all without having to use code!

Here at Website Builder Expert, it’s our job to find out how good website builders like Jimdo really are.

We’ve run multiple tests and researched all the facts and stats on Jimdo, so you don’t have to.

In this review, we’ll look at the most important areas when it comes to building your own website. From there, you’ll find out exactly how Jimdo stacks up against the competition.

The Creator is Jimdo’s main platform. If you’re familiar with website builders, it’ll be similar to what you’ve seen before.

Jimdo is a fully fledged editing interface. You can add in your own content, resize things, and drag elements into different positions.

Jimdo Dolphin is an ADI (artificial design intelligence) solution. All you have to do is answer some questions about the type of website you’d like, and Jimdo will create the website for you!

Both are fantastic ways to build a website, but cater for very different needs.

Jimdo Creator is for those who want to be in control; you get a decent say over your site’s layout, aesthetic and content.

Jimdo Dolphin is a lot quicker. You can pull things from social media or existing websites onto your new site instantly. It is limited, however, in terms of how much you can edit.

This review focuses on Jimdo Creator specifically.


How Easy is Jimdo to Use?

Website builders are generally very easy to use. You don’t need coding knowledge, and most work with some kind of drag-and-drop functionality – a bit like PowerPoint.

Jimdo is no different. Its editing interface is clean, clear and simple to navigate.

You start by selecting a template, which are broken up by industries. Then the editing fun begins!

To edit text, all you have to do is click the section you’d like to change, then type away (as seen on the right).

Images can be resized and dragged into position in a couple of clicks. If you want to add another element, like a contact form, you can just select the ‘plus’ icon and choose one from the list.