GoDaddy offers dozens of different services— including domain name registration, web hosting, online marketing and more. But we're looking specifically at their DIY website builder (sometimes called GoCentral). You can build a website with some of GoDaddy's other services (for example, hosting) but you’ll have to use a third-party CMS such as WordPress to design and manage your website.

Godaddy pricing offers three website plans for personal or business websites and one for eCommerce.

All plans are charged annually— GoDaddy doesn’t offer any form of monthly payment, so make sure you factor that annual bill into your budget.

At the bottom end of the scale is the Personal plan. It costs $5.99 / month (but remember, it will be billed at $71.88 / year) and is what I'd recommend for most websites.

One step up is the Business plan ($119.88 per year) which is an upgrade I would not recommend. You only get access to very, very simple Paypal buttons (either Buy It Now or Donate and a simple SEO tool. Neither of these are worth an upgrade— you can find plenty of better SEO tools (see my list here) and PayPal buttons can easily be created and embedded for free.

Then there's the Business Plus plan ($179.88 / year). It includes all the features from the two cheaper plans and includes some upsells:

  • Email Marketing with GoDaddy's software
  • Google My Business support (though you can do this free through Google too)
  • Integrate with social media accounts
  • Accept online appointment bookings

I really only recommend the upgrade if you need to accept online appointment bookings— the other features aren't worth it.

GoDaddy refers to its only ecommerce plan as the Online Store package and it costs $29.99 / month. As store builders go, it's easy to use but not very sophisticated— for example you can't customize the email receipts your customers receive.