Best Church Website Builder

The Ultimate Guide on How to Choose the Best Church Website Builder


Creating a website for the church has lots of purposes. It allows to reach your community in an easier way, attract youth and new visitors. According to the recent data, over 80% of newcomers take a look at the church site before visiting it in real life. 


There are lots of different church sites you can find online for getting inspired to create your own one. With the help of the best church websites, you will be able to create your own webresource within the shortest time. All the Christian webbuilders available below have a bunch of features:


  • No coding experience needed

  • Available for beginners

  • Can be purchased for reasonable money

  • Will perfectly fit your goals


Looking for the best church website builder? Consider choosing one of the options offered right below and build a church website with minimum efforts.


Top 6 Church Website Builders 




Wix is hitting the top of the most popular website builders for creating church websites from scratch. This is a Christian web builder that allows you to craft a simple web resource without any knowledge in web development. The program has an exceptionally simple design and can boast of having tons of functions for creating an excellent website in minutes. 


What makes Wix unique?


  • Dozens of templates, designed for sites for churches

  • Advanced tools for customization

  • Ability to purchase a domain and hosting with no need to set up them manually

  • Drag-and-drop interface for simple browsing and crafting your own solution

  • Stunning designs to attract more visitors

  • Easy interaction with other services

  • Optimized for smartphones- the visitors of your website will be able to reach it with their mobile phones 

  • The great media galleries to impress the visitors, who have never been to your church with beautiful photos. 


As for the pricing, Wix has different plans for various needs. The cheapest package starts at only $8 per month. However, it already contains all the needed functionality for an amazing site. The most expensive plan will cost you $35 but you are not likely to use all its functions - it better suits e-commerce websites or sites with a large number of pages. 


Generally, Wix is considered to be the best website builder for churches since it has the largest database of templates and plugins for this category of sites. Therefore, you will get an almost ready-to-use solution that only requires adding unique information about your church. If you take a look around online, you will discover that nearly half of the church sites are created with the help of Wix builder. 




Squarespace is another website builder that remains to be an extremely popular service for creating your church site. The program is known for its highest quality design images and templates. Therefore, in case you would like to attract more newcomers to your church, it’s a good idea to create a site with high-quality galleries. 


Although the platform has no pre-designed church templates, you can find tons of suitable options in the Community and Non-profit categories. This way, you will automatically get the most popular functions, including volunteering, mission, and donation. 


The builder has different payment systems, so the visitors will be able to donate money for the needs of the church in an easy and convenient way. By the way, you still don’t need any programming skills to start using the builder - it is really simple and user-friendly. 


What makes Squarespace different from other builders?

  • Professional design of all the templates

  • Completely understandable for beginners

  • Ability to purchase both domain and hosting with no coding

  • Handy contact forms to communicate with visitors

  • Ability to collect all the information about your church in a handy way

  • Great support team is always ready to help in case you face any issues when creating your website


As for the pricing, the builder offers affordable plans for each type of business and non-commercial organizations. A simple plan will cost you $12 per month. In case you would like to receive donations through your website, consider choosing a plan for $16 per month. Generally, it is a bit more expensive than Wix. 




Weebly might become the best solution for churches with a limited budget. In case you are looking for a cheap but quality solution, it is exactly what you need. The builder is one of the top-rated services for building a church website in an easy way.


The platform has not as much freedom as its analogs but it is still incredibly convenient and easy-to-use. In case you would like to create a classical church site rather than an innovative web resource, the service is likely to meet all your expectations.


It is important to point out that the builder has no predesigned church templates. However, there are lots of site drafts that will still fit your site. Choosing a perfect template might be tricky since not all of them contain donation options. However, thanks to the preview option, you can always update or delete a chosen theme anytime with just a couple of clicks.


What makes Weebly special?


  • User-friendly design

  • Simple for beginners

  • Online store with tons of extra tools and widgets to add to your site

  • Pricing plans include an option of buying a domain and hosting

  • Outstanding templates

  • Good pricing


Weebly’s pricing plans vary. The cheapest option is available only for $5 but it will contain the platform’s ads. To remove the advertisement from your site, we recommend choosing a $12 plan. 



Sharefaith is a modern builder that is developed for creating church websites. The builder has the highest number of church templates and offers all the most important functions to set up your site. It is worth mentioning that the builder has been used by over 9,000 churches. Therefore, the program is surely great.

Although the program has less simple design than other universal builders, it is really worth trying. It perfectly suits the requirements of most church websites and offers to create donating, volunteering and other necessary pages. Spreading the word of God is one of the key purposes of Sharefaith.


The benefits of Sharefaith:


  • The platform that is created to assist in creating church sites only

  • Numerous related templates

  • Drag-and-drop editor

  • Blog functions to enable the visitors to discover the events offered by the church

  • Audio and video tools

  • Lots of additional functions, such as vacation bible school, worship software, and others


Sharefaith is more expensive than standard builders. A simple plan will cost you $45 per month billed annually. 

 Ministry Designs


Ministry Designs is a tailored website builder that is always ready to help you with creating an unforgettable church site. The program has all the tools and options needed for building a great web resource, receive donations and inform your community about the church events is a simple blog. 


The program includes video functions, podcasts, blogging utilities and other features that are must-have for any church site. The builder will suit big churches that would like to offer additional services online. 


Pros of Ministry Designs:


  • Various church templates

  • Donation tools

  • Easy-to-use platform

  • No coding required

  • A long-term sermon storage tool


However, the pricing policy of the builder might not be affordable for small churches. Thus, the platform requires paying a $1,000 one-time fee, as well as a $20 monthly fee. All in all, this is the most expensive solution from the list of the best church website builders. 


Bottom Line


When choosing the best solution for crafting a church site, the website builder is surely the best solution. First, it is much cheaper than hiring a professional developer. Second, it allows creating a website of your dream with minimum efforts. Third, builders enable all the users to update and edit their sites anytime in an easy and convenient way. Fourth, they are simple and completely understandable - you don’t need to have any special knowledge in coding or website development - the platforms will do all the programming jobs for you. 


Generally, Wix and Squarespace are the leading platforms for building church websites. They have a feature-rich functionality with lots of advanced functions for your needs. Both platforms allow creating an amazingly looking site with minimum efforts. The web resource will be perfectly displayed on mobile devices and desktop computers. The builders make crafting your own professional site possible. 


Weebly is considered to be the best service for small churches that can’t spend huge sums of money for creating a website. Being relatively cheap, the application still guarantees to create a superb website in a blink of an eye. 


Sharefaith is a solution for those who want to craft a great web resource within a limited time. The builder is designed solely for church websites, so it already has everything required for its plans. From donations pages to contact forms and professionals blogs, you will surely find all you need for creating an outstanding church site. 


As for Ministry Designs, this builder is for those, who want to combine creating a church site along with other related activities online. Although the program is the most expensive from the list, it offers countless additional opportunities that will be definitely enjoyed by most pastors. 


Which website builder is the easiest one? 


Frankly speaking, all the websites from our list are easy to use. However, Wix stands out from the crowd of its competitors, when it comes to usability. The application has a WYSIWYG builder embedded. The tool allows choosing the needed elements and simply putting them to your web page. This is also called drag-and-drop technology, which remains to be the most revolutionary solution for online builders.  


According to the clients’ reviews, the platform has been a leading builder for dozens of years. The secret of such incredible popularity is that the program is focused on making the web development process as simple as possible. All the functions and options of the application are carefully collected in the groups and menus. As for the buttons, all of them are available right at hand for maximum convenience. If you are going to launch your website with no knowledge or experience in developing sites, this builder is likely to bring you 100% satisfaction. 


Which website builder is best for small budgets?

Weebly is the most affordable option for creating church sites. The builder has different pricing plans that are targeted for different budgets. However, even the cheapest plan will provide you with a sufficient number of functions for creating a flexible site with some functions. The program has different templates available in various categories, so you will easily pick up the best option for a church website. 

Weebly is an all-in-one software that offers a complete package of services, starting from purchasing the domain and hosting to creating the site and bringing it to live. Therefore, professional developers will take care of the technical side of your website and hosting. No coding required. 


Which is better – a general builder or a church specific builder? 

The answer to this question depends on the type of the church site you are planning to create. In case you would like a simple site that will have classical design and a limited number of functions, classical builders will fit you most. This way, you will get a simple but good-looking site which will be user-friendly and flexible enough for making regular updates. 


If you are looking for more professional solutions and would like to create a stunning website for a church with a large number of visitors, engage your community, and attract youth to your church,  specific church builder will be the right choice. With the help of this kind of builders, you will be able to craft a site with calendars, blog, donations and volunteering features. The same rule works for church sites with a large number of pages and high-volume websites. The more difficult the site of your dream is, a large number of pro functions you will need to have at your church website builder. 


How should I choose the best domain for my church website? 

As a rule, the domain name of your site should reflect its main idea. Most churches use its name and location when it comes to purchasing the domain name. This way, your visitors will have a clear vision of what your website is about. You can also use shortened titles of your church or any related terms to give a name to your domain.


Note: not all the domain names are available to purchase. Some of them are already occupied by other services or churches. The truth is that the domain name of the site is always completely unique, so you will need to find something special for your site’s title. And one more tip for beginners - in case your domain name is unavailable, you can still play with it. For example, if the is unavailable, you can easily purchase The domains look similar but are completely different from the technical side. 


The price for the domain also significantly varies. As a rule, domains like .com, .us, .org, .gov are much more expensive than domains like .xyz and others. Therefore, you will be able to save a significant sum of money for other needs. 


Will I need to find hosting for my church website? 


There are two types of church builders you can find online. Some solutions are developed solely for creating websites. In this case, you will need to take care of purchasing the domain and hosting by yourself. Moreover, you are supposed to look for the third-party programs for these purposes, as well as install and update the required functions by yourself. As a rule, you will need to have some basic knowledge of coding and web development. 


The second option is an all-in-one site builders (all the builders from the list above are all-in-one solutions) In this case, you will not need to search for any services for buying a hosting - the builder’s team will do that for you. In other words, when you purchase a certain plan, you have both domains name and hosting included in the fee. This is a preferable option for beginner users, who are looking for the easiest way to create their sites. In this case, you will effortlessly craft your site with all the backend done by expert developers. 


All in all, choosing the best church builder is often a challenging task. However, we still have great news for you. Most builders offer a free trial period that allows you to try using a solution with no extra charges. If you don’t like the builder or find it too difficult, you can easily leave it and try another option. When you are completely satisfied with the free service, you can purchase a plan that suits your needs. There are lots of different church builders, you can even try dozens of them before you pick up the right solution for your site. Good luck and may your website look perfect!